Why Is Friend & Family Support so Important When Living With Bipolar I?

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Why is friend and family support so important when living with bipolar I?


When it comes to living with bipolar disorder, having a support system around you is vital because if you have a support system around you, they may notice things that you don’t. And because you have trained them to spot things, you can rely on them.


Family and friends is very important. It’s very important to share with others. They help me out, they talk to me and they take care of me mentally. I really care for them deeply.


As a bipolar patient, support is a major good thing to have, whether it’s a friend, a teacher, a counselor, you need that one person that you know you can always go to, no matter how bad your episodes are, how bad your attacks are, how mean you can get, you need to know that you have that one person that’s never going to give up on you.


I went to peer support groups because that just had a lot of value. It was great to be in a room with other people who live with bipolar disorder, and my family got educated along the way. They took classes so that they could understand what I was going through and they could be supportive. And all of those things just lined up to give me the best chance that I had to live as well as humanly possible. I can’t imagine that everybody doesn’t want that.

I don’t care if you have bipolar disorder or not. Being your true self around your friends and family and the community in which you live is something that everybody wants. And it’s not magically different because I have bipolar disorder.

It’s important to have hope. I think it’s important to focus on the things that you’ve accomplished. I think it’s important to be aware of your setbacks, but don’t dwell on them. Focus on the things that you’re doing well and concentrate on moving forward.

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